De’Sean Jones


De’Sean Jones is a Detroit based saxophonist, producer, billboard charting recording artist and a grammy nominated arranger. Over the past 20 years De’Sean has either recorded or performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Faith Evans and a host of Detroit legends Marcus Belgrave, The Clark Sisters, Kierra Sheard and techno pioneer Mad Mike Banks of Underground Resistance.

As a saxophonist & producer Jones has an eclectic sound and unique approach that is widely viewed as progressive fast paced and undeniably rooted in the rich history of black culture. A thought leader and strong advocate for Urban Art Music, De’Sean seeks to push the boundaries of musical social consciousness in ways that are authentic, emotionally dynamic and intellectual.

All musical releases from De’Sean Jones can be accessed through his record label KNMDK Records and are available on all primary streaming outlets.


KNMDK 001 [Knomadik LP]

Knomadik Reverence [2015]

Knomadik Reverence [2015]

Knomadik Reverence [2015]

# 11 on Billboard Charts: